Coolerest Sleep Pad Original Pillow Size

Achieve the sleep you have forever been dreaming of with the revolutionary Coolerest Sleep Pad. A comfortable gel core provides a heat-absorbing, virtually instant cooling effect to lower your body temperature and help you fall asleep quickly. The Coolerest Sleep Pad needs no source of energy or refrigeration, and is designed to be used over and over again. Banish those terrible night sweats and hot flashes without driving up your electric bill or making your partner uncomfortable. Simply slip the Coolerest Sleep Pad underneath a fitted sheet for the best night's rest you have ever experienced. There is no limit to where you can relax with your Coolerest Sleep Pad -- use it in the bedroom, place it on the couch, put it on your car seat, or simply lounge on the carpet with this innovative sleep product. The Coolerest Sleep Pad will change your life!

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Item Specifications -   
Set-up Dimensions:
W: D: H: Approx. Weight:
15.750 12.000 0.500 0.000

    Materials: Gel and Cotton

No Assembly Required

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